Friday, February 22, 2008

Potpourri post

It's been a little of this and a little of that this week, so there really wasn't all that much to write about. Here are some of the odds and ends that I did this week.

I am still really into scuba divers. Here, I made daddy put a mask, helmet, tank, and fins on my Play-doh doggy.

Doggy with mask and fins
Ready to go find Nemo!

Mommy's getting bigger and bigger. We found out that the baby is still heads up, like I was. That means that the baby is going to come out like me too! Mommy said she's not going to do the stinky herb this time.

Come out, baby, come out
Me saying, "Come out, baby, come out!" Daddy didn't think that was funny.

Because spring is coming, I'm starting to get ready with my sunglasses, a.k.a. "Owen's mask."

Posing with ukelele and new sunglasses
Rock on!

As I am quickly becoming a lefty in everything, I am also more comfortable playing the ukulele lefty too. Daddy says I am in good company with many famous lefty guitar big ukulele players.

Today it snowed. A lot. It's still snowing, in fact. A lot. So we went out this afternoon to wander around in the snow.

Exploring in the corner
I explored myself into the corner

It wasn't good snowball weather or snowman making weather. But it was good weather for plunging around and uncovering branches buried in the six inch deep snow.

Have a fun weekend!

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JT said...

Owen did your daddy put your in the corner for a time out after you threw a snowball at him?