Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Visit from Flat Stanley

The mailman delivered a letter from my cousin Sydney yesterday. Inside was Flat Stanley! He's here for a visit with us. We're also supposed to write about his adventure with us before sending him back to Sydney.

Letter from Sydney
Letter from Sydney

With Valentine's Day coming up, mommy and I made heart-shaped cookies this afternoon. It's mommy's first time making sugar cookies, so it took us a while to get the hang of things like how to roll out the dough and cutting out the shapes.

Flat Stanley helped Mommy make Valentine cookies
Flat Stanley and our finished cookies.

While we were waiting for the cookies to cool, I decided to draw some pictures to send back to Sydney with Flat Stanley.

Drawing with Flat Stanley
Drawing with Flat Stanley

"A little mask" 02122008
"A little mask"

"Mommy and Daddy" 02122008
"Mommy and Daddy." The big green blob is mama and her big belly.

"Nemo and the Mask" 02122008
"Nemo and the mask"

"Mask" is what the scuba diver wears when he catches Nemo. Mommy thinks that the "little mask" looks more like Pigasso from my "Mootisse Pigasso" book that Grandma sent me. I had fun with Flat Stanley, and I hope he makes it back to Sydney safe and sound.

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