Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Saturday on the Cape

Last weekend we went down to Cape Cod for a little February holiday. Daddy was running in a race on Sunday, so we got to explore on Saturday.

The first stop was the Zooquarium. This is a little aquarium and a little zoo with all kinds of neat critters to see.

Fishy looking at me
Little fishy that liked looking at me

Some of the outside animals had moved inside for the winter. It was cold inside too.

Cold tortoise
Tortoise hanging out under the heat lamp

Miss Pickles the 70 pound pot bellied pig
Miss Pickles, the 70 pound pot bellied pig, sitting on command

It had snowed a couple of days before and the ground outside was all slushy. I couldn't go down because I was wearing my running shoes, so daddy just carried me around.

Mommy's favorite sheep
Icelandic sheep. Not mommy's favorite--I don't think she liked how they were looking at her.

They had little food dispensers where you could buy dried corn to feed the animals. Because it was pretty quiet, the animals would come over when you stood by the food dispensers. Very convenient!

Goat is hungry
Goat was hungry

Red fox wants to eat guinea fowl
Red fox was hungry for the guinea fowl sitting on top of his cage

Back at the hotel, I got to go swimming in the indoor pool. Even though I didn't like the water so much and clung tightly to mommy, I have been talking about it all week. This is because I saw a boy wearing a mask at the pool. Did I mention I like people wearing diving masks?

That night we went to a dinner at another hotel that was hosted by Daddy's race. We got to see Mr. Rodgers the runner and heard a really cool talk by a man named Dick Hoyt, whose son makes him push him in a wheelchair around in races. Mommy and daddy really liked his talk.

My medal, like in George and the Rocket
I also got a medal, like in George Rocket. I am the first space monkey!

On Saturday night I even got a special treat. Even though mommy and daddy had asked the hotel for a crib for me, the hotel hadn't put it in our room when we got there. So while I was playing in the bed, daddy asked me if I wanted to sleep in his bed. Of course, I said, "Yessss." When we got back to the hotel after dinner, the crib had magically appeared. But since daddy had promised we could sleep in the same bed, I got my wish. Yay big boys bed!

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