Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

Daddy had to work all weekend, so on Super Bowl Sunday, mommy and I went to hang out at the playspace in the mall before having lunch with my buddies, Ellie and Leo. For the occasion, daddy dressed me in my swanky Tom Brady jersey that Uncle Dan and Aunty Linda gave me. At the playspace, we saw at least 3 other kids with the same jersey and one with a Tedy Bruschi jersey.

At Playspace
All geared up for the Super Bowl.

After lunch and nap, mommy and I went to pick daddy up from work so we could go watch the big game at Emerson's house.

Taking a break from drawing
When is the game going to start?

Mommy, Emmy, and I watching the Superbowl game
Mommy, Emmy, and I watching the Super Bowl game.

We had to leave after halftime since it was my bedtime, but I have fun watching the guitar man before we left. Daddy stayed up to listen to the rest of the game on the radio, 1950s style. He was happy that his team won but sad that everyone at work was going to be gloomy!

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