Monday, April 07, 2008

Catching up

Lots of stuff happened last week so I'm a bit behind. It's going to take me a while to catch up since I'm tiny, and I don't type very fast.

Friday night I was sad. Mommy wouldn't give me any more milk. Daddy said it was because some pumping machine had eaten it. I didn't think that was fair, so I let them both know it.

Finally, daddy took me downstairs and gave me some milk from the kitchen. It tasted the same as mommy's milk, and the bottle felt just like my pacifier, only it gave me milk! I ate. Then I ate again. Then daddy said I couldn't eat any more so I went upstairs and lo and behold, mommy was ready to feed me again!

Daddy said my success was not good news for him--I hope mommy doesn't make him do that too often!

Shhh! Mommy and Owen are sleeping
Shhh! Mommy and Owen are sleeping!

On Saturday after Ah Mah went to the airport, I was napping downstairs and Owen came down to play. He saw I was lying on the ground and wanted to nap with me! Of course, he'd already had his nap so he was just pretending. My big brother. So silly! Looks like he's sleeping though, huh?

Sleepy time
Sleepy time?

Ok, enough writing for today. My little hands are tired. Maybe I do more tomorrow! Bye!

Owen having kitchen milk for the first time

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