Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I'm awake, who else is up?

This time of morning is usually party time for me, and since I'm up I figured I might as well blog. It's Thursday already, and I'm almost 4 weeks old!

Last weekend, I went to the aquarium for the first time. This is apparently my big brother's favorite place in the whole world. Owen is in love with scuba divers, masks, fins, tanks, and the "circle" they put in their mouths.

Scuba divers and their masks and fins
Scuba divers getting ready to jump in the water

Diver putting squid on her pole
To put this squid on a pole

Feeding the sharks
To feed the sharks!

Owen also loves Dory

Catching a breath
And the fur seals that swim in a big tank out in front

I think the aquarium is a neat place to sleep.

Later we went to see a movie and big brother went to sleep too. It was my first screen time, and was it a big screen!

When we got back home, Owen took a nap then woke up and rocked out for me. In his snow boots. I think he thinks if he wears his boots then maybe it will snow again. I haven't seen any yet!

Jammin' for Phoebe
Rocking out in his snow boots

Phoebe chilling out
See you later!

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