Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gore Place Sheep Shearing

On Saturday we went to Gore Place for a sheep "shearing" festival. It's something like a haircut, only they get it cut really short! We met up with Emmy again and also Logan and Sydney from StrollerFit.

Phoebe awake
Phoebe was actually awake for some of it

Dancing to Hotel California, folk style
She got to see these people dancing to a guy chanting a song about a hotel in California

Kettle corn kettle
We had some popcorn out of this big pot. It was sweet.

Man in horse
We saw a man wearing a horse.

Then we went to go see some sheep get their haircuts.

Goats waiting for haircuts
Goats waiting for haircuts. The sheep got their haircut already.

Goat getting haircut
Buzz buzz...

What they doing to that sheep?
What kind of funny looking sheep is that?

Then we saw some doggy goat herding. The sheep didn't want to cooperate today.

Doggy goat herding
Run doggy!

Later we had lunch on the grass.

Phoebe bubbly
Phoebe was bubbly

Run around
After lunch was run around time. So we ran around.

Ring around the rosie
And did ring around the rosie, or rather, line around the rosie...

Wagoning with Emmy and Sydney

It was a beautiful spring day and we all had so much fun! Maybe next time we'll even see some sheep!

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