Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Davis Farmland

This past weekend we went out to a new farm for apple picking. Of course we had to see all the animals first...

petting the baby cat
This baby cat is fun, but where are the big animals?

Baa baa black sheep
Baa baa black sheep. And baa baa white sheep too.

Daddy, don't hog all the food!
Daddy feeding the baby goat. Is it my turn? I'm hungry too!

Owen feeding baby goat
It looks like it's eating my hand, but I have goat food in it. He tickled!

The goats were really interested in Aki.

The goats were interested in Aki
They just wanted to say hi

The goats were interested in Aki
Or maybe they just wanted to eat her

Hey, where's the windshield?
Hey, where's the windshield?

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