Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day Shenanigans

Last weekend we had a lot of fun out on the town...

On Saturday we went to the ICA again for their free family day.

Watercolors at the ICA
I did a bit of painting. This is a truck.

Mixing up the resin for my molds
Then I got to do a mold with mommy. First you mix up these waters. Then you pour it in and it comes out hard!

On Sunday, we went apple picking with our new neighbors, Mr. Marriah, Ms. Kremena and Varna.

Picking apples
Apple picking is a lot easier than blueberry picking

Hi wooly sheep
Hi woolly sheep

I'm driving
I'm driving the caterpillar train with Varna

Lookout Farm is always the best!

Monday, our extra bonus day, we went to do more arts stuff, this time at the DeCordova Museum. Daddy hadn't been before, so we took him. Everything was different though from the last time I was there...

DeCordova kiosk
The parking kiosk at the entrance

Musical Fence
I got to play this musical fence. It's by the grandson of one of my favorite artists, Mootisse!

Aki not impressed with the sculptures
Aki was not so impressed with the sculptures

Outside of the Merry Go Round of Hidden Agendas
Here's one mommy and daddy liked. It's called the Merry Go Round of Hidden Agendas. It's a big circle. This is one of the people on the outside.

Inside of the Merry Go Round of Hidden Agendas
This is the other side of that person

Pretty Stone Face-Joe Wheelwright
I like sculptures. I got to see them up close.

Listening Stone-Joe Wheelwright
Very up close!

We didn't intend to have an artsy weekend, but we had a lot of fun seeing stuff anyway! Hope you all had good Labor Day weekends.

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