Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Little Rascals Apple Picking

This weekend we went apple picking again. You'd think we were tired of picking apples already, but this one was a fundraiser for my school. Daddy says every school I go to will always be making fundraisers so I should get used to it. But I haven't even been in school 2 weeks yet!

Apple picking
I walk right in and get the apples. Is anyone looking?

I'm laughing because I'm not supposed to be eating this leaf
I'm laughing because I'm not supposed to be eating this apple leaf. Ronak is trying to get me not to eat it.

Ronak sitting in the grass
Ronak sitting in the grass. The grass was so long, you can only barely see me! It was also very wet.

Mommy's got a baby duck
Mommy caught a baby duck to show me. Like in my baby duck goes to school book.

What shall I paint?
What shall I paint?

You work over here, I'll work over there
We're going to tag this wall good

Daddy pulling us through the tall grass
Once we got tired walking through the tall grass, daddy came up with the wagon

I can jump high in the bouncy house!
He pulled us to the bouncy house. Gym class is doing me good. I can jump off the ground now.

Hayride! Where's the hay?
Hayride! Where's the hay?

Eating my apple
On the way home, I got to eat an apple. This is how I eat it.

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JT said...

Looks like fun although I was expecting a picture of your dad picking apples based on the title. Also, are we going to hear more about school? What's your favorite activity? What's the name of your teacher?