Wednesday, September 03, 2008

More Aki Developments

I am a growing baby.

Owen wears size 4, I wear size 3
Owen wears size 4 diapers, I wear size 3

I am constantly scooting now. This is how it happens.

Belly down, tongue out
Belly down, tongue out!

On hands and feet
Up into yoga pose on my hands and feet

I was in the middle of that quilt just a few minutes ago.

Balancing on my belly
Here I am scooting under the couch. Is someone going to come get me?


OakMonster said...

Dresden is also scooting backward! Aurora has to built a "fort" around him when she laid him down to nap on the bed in case he would wake up and tries to escape.

Apparently he had managed to roll over and scooted into the wall of pillow, got stuck, then cried. LOL.

JT said...

Wow, I wear size 4 diapers too! That's amazing. Aki, I wonder if you can scoot and stick out your tongue at the same time?