Thursday, December 07, 2006

Feeding Daddy

The other day while Daddy was feeding me dinner, I was feeling generous, so I offered some turkey to Daddy. He and Mommy got so excited that I can "feed" them now. Here's the video. Remember to click on the triangle to play the movie.


JT said...

Prior to every feeding of "daddy", Owen appears that he wants it for himself...but then is forced to give up the food...I wonder if this is equivalent to "taking candy from a baby"?

Also, I don't know which is more impressive: Owen being able to feed somebody else or Chingy able to take food FROM somebody else.

Just kidding....very cute video...Owen is cute, not you Chingy

Una Bruno said...

hey Owen! next time, you should try putting that food in your daddy's hair! i do that to my mom and it really makes me laugh.

who is this emerson chick? i thought we had something special. oh well... long distance relationships are tough. and i'll admit it, she looks pretty darned cute. and nice.

are you going to get to eat some of that snow? if you do, i want to hear all about it.

big hugs (and kisses - i can blow kisses now!) from Una