Sunday, December 10, 2006

Playing Indoors

Since it's been cold (and because I get bored at home), mommy's been taking me to some play spaces. They're basically indoors playgrounds for little kids. There's one at the place where mommy and I work out. I love it so much that Ronak, me and our mommies went back on a day that we weren't working out.

Giddyup! Can we get one of these at home?

Beep Beep
Driving lessons didn't go so well... Me and Ronak had a little fender bender. Or were we reenacting Uncle JT's driving?

We can also go to the play space at the Atrium mall. So convenient, right next to the baby photo studio and Baby Style. Baby Gap and Janie and Jack is also in the mall too... Anyway, it's a lot more crowded than the other one, but there's so much to climb on!

Atrium playspace
I like to go down the slide

Russian lady playing with me at the playspace
The last time we went, I introduced myself to this lady, but she only spoke Russian or something. It didn't matter, though. She knows what babies like!

1 comment:

JT said...

Owen, how did you get my exact car?

However, for the reenactment, you need to be the front car if you were pretending to be me.