Monday, April 02, 2007

Playdate at the Museum of Science

On Thursday, mommy and I decided to take Emerson and her mommy to the Museum of Science since I had so much fun there the last time. Emerson loved it too. We spent hours there. Most of the time we were in the Discovery Center. It wasn't as crowded this time, so we got to play with lots of different things like these magnetic sticks and balls.

These magnetic sticks and balls are cool!
Recall this!

What should we make?
What should we make?

Emerson and I are making roller coasters for the balls
Emerson and I are making roller coasters for foam balls

We had so much fun, I passed out on the car ride home. When we got home, Daddy told me I got a package from my grandparents in Hawaii. They sent me a train set! So I helped Daddy put together the train tracks.

Daddy helping me assemble the train set
Putting together the train set

Putting together my new train set
Before I play with it, I better read the instructions

To top off a wonderful day, Mommy and Daddy took to me to Aunty Sarita and Uncle Sameer's house for dinner. I got to teach baby Ronak how to walk! I had such a fun day!

Playing with Ronak
Playing with Ronak

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