Sunday, April 02, 2006

Ching Ming

Today I took mommy and daddy to Ah Mah's and Ah Gong's house for Ching Ming. This is the holiday where everyone honors their ancestors. Ah Mah cooked up a feast, and lots of people came over, to see me, I assume. Oh, and also it was Uncle Noi's birthday.

Me kow tow to ancestors
Me kow tow to ancestors

Happy Birthday Ah Noi
Happy Birthday Ah Noi! He's the gray haired 26 year old behind me.

My Sticker
Daddy found this nametag for me on a bunch of bananas. It says Baby.

A Real Manicure
After Mommy cut my nails she almost forgot to buff them. Here, I am reminding her not to forget.

Climbing Mount Ah Gu
After both Ah Gu and I ate lunch, I climbed up on his belly. He is nice and soft.

Also, mommy and daddy may be declaring defeat in the Owen-daddy bottle-feeding game. It's only 2-0, but really, if we counted the sessions before we started keeping score, it was more like 12-1 (I got hungry).

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