Thursday, September 07, 2006

Cape Cod Part 2

After lunch on Sunday, we went to a museum/zoo. I liked looking at the jellies that they had. They are sooo mesmerizing. I could stare at them for hours!

Jellies at Cape Cod Museum of Natural History
Mmmmm... Jellies....

Then we went to look at an osprey that had made its nest outside the back window of the museum.

Looking at the osprey
Is it my turn to look yet?

The rain stopped so we went for a walk outside.

On the boardwalk in Brewster
Kung Kung, Grandma, me and mama

Chirp chirp
While we were in the gift shop, grandma bought me a new toy. I love grandma and Kung Kung.

Hiking in Brewster
Everything was so green

Hiking through grasses in Brewster
Since it was nice, we hiked all the way to the beach

Touching the Atlantic
Here's Kung Kung touching the Atlantic

That was all I could take for one day so we went back to the hotel and I passed out.

The next day we got to see more neat things. One was this place where they make little fish into big fish. It's called a Hatchery, and they had long pools of water with all kinds of trout in them. There was an osprey watching the trout too, but the nets over the water kept her out.

Sandwich Fish Hatchery
Sandwich Fish Hatchery

After the Hatchery, we went to this old house. Mommy and daddy told me that the tour guide gave them some tips on how to raise me 17th century-style. First, they said they have to save all of their leftovers and add them every day to a pot over a fire. That's my food. I eat it out of a wooden trough that never gets cleaned. Yuck. Then they said that when I'm not eating, I have to be tied down to a crib so I don't crawl into the fire. That lasts for three years. When I'm three, then they can let me out, but they just tie me to a chair instead. Oh, and I get bathed once a year. I go last, after mommy, daddy, and everyone else in the house. I'm not so sure I like the 17th century.

Hoxie House
Hoxie House of childhood horrors!

I liked the Grist Mill much better. It's a water-wheel powered corn-grinding place where they make a nice coarse looking corn meal. The tour guide there didn't give me any problems. Then again, I was pretending I was asleep.

Dexter's Grist Mill
The insides of the grist mill. The big metal rod spins the wheels that grind the corn.

Shawme Pond
The water supply for the mill.

Mommy, make me some mush! Or some cornbread!

I liked Cape Cod a lot. Hopefully I'll get to go back when I'm bigger.

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Una Bruno said...

Hey Owen! I can't beleive how big you've gotten! You're eating so many things - tortillas look yummy - and doing so many things. We have both been doing some serious growing up since the last time we saw each other. Your life in Boston looks like a lot of fun. Your pal in LA, Una