Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Weekend of Festivals

Mommy, daddy, and I spent the weekend going to festivals in town. On Saturday went into town for the Children's Book Fest. On the way, we stopped by Macy's where a nice lady gave me a balloon. I couldn't really hold it so good, so mommy and daddy helped me play with it.

My balloon from Macy's
This is my balloon

Main Stage of Book Fair
Where are the books?

Children's Book Fair at Copley Square
The puppet show caught my attention for a few moments.

Asleep with carrot again
But then I got bored so I fell asleep. I remembered what happened to my carrot the last time, so I kept a good grip on it as I slept.

On Sunday, there was a Greek Fest at the nearby Greek church. There was lots of yummy Greek food. I even had some of mommy's pastitsio even though I had my lunch already.

Greek Fest
Moussaka and Pastitsio

It was so nice out so we walked up to the craft festival. It was at the park where daddy brings me running some days and mommy takes me to the stroller exercise class. It was too hot, though and nothing for babies, so we went up to the top of the park and had a late afternoon snack.

Piggy back ride on Daddy
Piggy back ride on daddy!

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