Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Cape Cod Part 1

Sorry it's been so long since I last posted. We were away for vacation. I would have let you know but I didn't even know myself until mommy put me to bed in my Pack 'n Play in the hotel room!

On Saturday morning, daddy left me with mommy and when he got back home, he brought grandma and grandpa from the airport! I wasn't too sure who they were at first, but I remembered them just fine after a little bit.

We drove for a long time, and I took a little nap. Then we arrived at a place that mommy and daddy called "the Cape." We saw lots of neat things the first day including a museum of just glass! A man made some neat things out of glowing molten glass, but he didn't let me help.

Grandpa looking at glass
Grandpa at the glass museum

Glass at the Sandwich Glass Museum
Glass at the Sandwich Glass Museum

Like I said, I didn't know that we were staying over until mommy put me down to sleep in my Pack 'n Play. It was okay though. I had my own walk-in-closet room at the motel, and it was nice and warm.

On Sunday it was raining, so mommy put me in my bubble to go over to grandma and grandpa's room.

Sunday was rainy
My bubble

We drove for a while again and ended up somewhere called Provincetown. The rain let up a little but it was still windy. We went up to the top of a tall tower and we could see all the little tiny people below us.

Windy! At the top of the Pilgrim Monument

I got this sticker for walking all the way to the top of the tower

The rest of the day it was drizzly.

Truro lighthouse
The keeper wouldn't let me climb up the lighthouse. He said I had to be 51" tall. I'll come back next year maybe.

Fried food
The grownups had lots of fishies for lunch. These didn't look like any fishies I've ever seen! You can see I'm eating some mushed up jar food in the back.

The morning was lots of fun, and I got to see so many new things! But I'm tired of writing tonight, so I'll finish up tomorrow with the rest of Sunday and then Monday. Good night!

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