Sunday, September 24, 2006

Happy Birthday, Daddy

I love my daddy because he takes such good care of me. He wakes up with me early every morning and reads my favorite books to me. Sometimes, he also takes me on fun rides in the early mornings around the neighborhood. He also sings funny songs about little bunny foo-foo and kookaburra. After he comes back from work, he feed me my dinner, then gives me a nice warm bath (and lets me splash water all over the bathtub). And I can always count on him to read me bedtime stories about a gorilla in the zoo and a great green room. Mommy and I wish you a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

To celebrate Daddy's last days of his 3rd decade, we went up to the Southern Coast of Maine for the weekend. Here's a picture of us by the beach at Fort Williams Park just south of Portland, Maine. I'll have Daddy help me post more pictures of the trip later this week.


Nick Ketpura said...

Happy Birthday Mike!!!

Uyen & Oliver said...

Hope your 30th birthday is great. Happy Birthday!!!!

Linen said...

happy birthday mike!!