Saturday, July 29, 2006

World's End and Nantasket Beach

On Saturday, Mommy and Daddy took me hiking for the first time in a long while. This time we went to a place called World's End. It's a couple of islands that are connected to the mainland by narrow strips of land. They are leftover from something called an Ice Age. I like ice.

World's End salt marsh
A tidal marsh

World's End neck
The place was very pretty. If you look closely, this is the strip of land between the first and second islands.

Daddy carried me around in a backpack. It's another consignment sale item.

My new ride
My new ride. I was overcome by emotion and had to take a nap to deal with it.

Along the way, I needed a break from all the walking we were doing. I liked sitting up in my backpack.

I needed a break!
Taking my break

After the hike, we ate lunch at a picnic table there. I had some sweet potatoes and carrots. Afterwards, mommy took me to top me off with some milk, but I was too interested in what was going on around me.

I might not want to eat, but I do want to smile
I might not want to eat, but I do want to smile.

And touch mommy's face

What is this flat green thing?
And play with the toys. What is this flat green thing?

After lunch, it got quite warm, so we decided to go to a beach nearby. Mommy thought it was funny that it was called Nantasket Beach. It took us a while to find parking since there were so many people wanting to cool off like us. Good thing Mommy packed all of our beach gear for us. Thanks for my swim trunks, grandma!

What you lookin' at?
What you lookin' at?

After we got settled in, Mommy took me down to the water. It's my first time in the ocean. Mommy and Daddy said it would be just like a bath. She sat me down at the edge of the water, but when the first wave came in, it was NOT like a bath at all. I didn't like the cold water!

I don't like the water
This is not "just like bathtime"!

Mommy thought I just needed more time to get used to the water. So we played a little game by the water.

I like the view better from up here
I like the view better from up here

Then she tried to dunk me into the water again! Thank goodness Daddy came to rescue me. We went back to the beach to dry off. But it got to be so bright and we didn't have a beach umbrella. So Daddy thought we would hide from the sun under the towel.

Under the towel
I like my shade

After a while, I got really tired and tried to go to sleep. But it wasn't very comfortable sitting on Daddy's lap. A lady sitting close by offered us her umbrella so I could have some shade. It was so nice of her. Mommy placed me down on the mat after Daddy and the lady arranged the umbrella over me. That was when I took a fistful of sand and put it in my mouth.

Yum... Sand is gritty!
Yum... Sand is gritty!

It was nice to chill out on the beach now that we had some shade. I even got some snacks from Mommy.

Thanks for the umbrella, lady!
Thanks for the umbrella, lady!

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