Thursday, July 19, 2007

And... we're back

Last weekend we went to see Uncle Dan and Aunty Linda in a place called Washington, DC. I haven't seen them since my first birthday party, so it was good to catch up. DC was cool too.

We took the airplane down to DC, which was pretty exciting since one of my new loves is pointing up into the sky and saying "Pay!" which translates into "Plane!"

We took the bus and the train into town, and Aunty Linda met us and brought us up to their pad. There was all kinds of cool stuff to see.

I'm not sure what this slot is for. It looks like a good place to store my goldfish.

Since Aunty Linda has to take a nap in the afternoon, we went out to explore the city. First stop was this big white house.

Here's the back door

We couldn't get very close to the front, but it looked like someone important lived there.

Then we went to go see this rocket ship. Daddy said you have to wake up early to get tickets so you can go to the top of the rocket. I wake up early, but the whole time we still didn't get those tickets.

Yay rockets!

After looking at the rocket, we walked down the hill and went to this big pool with all kinds of columns around it. Mommy said it's called the World War II Memorial.

One of the important posts

Then we went to the Korean War Memorial. I don't remember it because I decided that it was time for a nap before we got there.

Here I am napping in my new carrier

The soldiers looked like they were leading the tourists up the hill

I was still sleeping when we got to the Lincoln Memorial.

This little boy was studying Lincoln's speeches

I was still sleeping

Mommy wishes someone could carry her while she naps

I woke up by the time we got back to Aunty Linda and Uncle Dan's place.

I checked out their new car seat to make sure it was safe for baby Emma

Then we went to dinner, bath, and sleepytime-- just like at home, except mommy and daddy got to fall asleep in the same room as me! I knew then I was going to like the trip. Day 2 tomorrow, where we go to the mall!

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