Thursday, July 05, 2007

Night at the Museum-July 4th Style

After the race and the picnic, I took mommy and daddy home for a nap and then we headed right out for the Museum of Science. I wasn't sure what the big idea was at first but lots of people were camping out in the parking lot. We set up on almost the top floor. Good thing they didn't go all the way up because it started raining just as we got there.

Staying dry and having dinner
Here's me and daddy having dinner with the Longfellow Bridge in the background

After dinner I got to run around the parking lot without worrying about big cars coming to get me. After running around for an hour, I fell asleep around my bedtime. This is what I missed. These flowers in the sky were at the end of the first half of the Boston Pops concert.

Big people's heads blocking my view of the "fireworks"

Mommy and daddy weren't satisfied with that view of the first fireworks so they bundled me up and brought me upstairs to the top floor for the main event.

Patriotic mama
It was raining upstairs, but it didn't dampen mommy's spirits

I woke up for the second half of the concert and the sing along. It was perfect timing because the real fireworks were about to begin!

Enjoying the show
Here I am with the top down on my convertible, waiting for the fireworks. Daddy is not so lucky.

Unfortunately the convertible does not come with windshield wipers. Also tall people stood in front of me so mommy got me out.

It's windy!
It was windy!

I like "fireworks" and staying up until 11 pm. Maybe next year I will stay up the whole night!

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Tito said...

Too bad you missed it Owen. I actually got to see the Boston fireworks since it was broadcast on CBS here in Hawaii.

Also, it doesn't seem your daddy had too much fun...especially in the picture where he's holding the pinwheel.