Wednesday, July 25, 2007

DC Day 3

Sorry about the lack of posts lately. My blog assistants have been busy. Mommy's been studying for a series of test to get her Hawaii State Teaching Credential. And daddy's been busy with his work while helping mommy take care of me.

Back to our third day in DC. I woke mommy and daddy up bright an early as usual. And after breakfast at Starbucks, we took the metro to the National Zoo. It was a great place for early birds like me since the Zoo opens at 6am! By the time we actually got there, it was 8am, but we still had the whole zoo to ourselves. And the best part is that it was free! We walked around for a few hours checking out the animals that were awake.

Panda bear.

Yum. Breakfast time.

Me hug panda.

Meerkat on patrol.

Tiny baby meerkats nestled between the adults.

We met Aunty Linda and Uncle Dan for lunch at 2Amys where we had yummy donuts and pizzas. Afterwards, it was back to the Zoo for gelato and more animal watching. It was good that we went back since we got to see the orangutans cross the O line to get from the Think Tank to the Great Ape House. Too bad daddy was too busy watching the orangutans that he forgot to take a picture.

After going back to the apartment for some rest and relaxation, Uncle Dan and Aunty Linda took us out for Thai food at Neisha for dinner. The waitresses there loved me. They called me "Oun" which means "fatty" in Thai since they couldn't say "Owen". I really liked the yummy food too. My favorite was the tod mun goong.

As if we didn't have enough to eat, we went out for dessert at the Dairy Godmother where the adults had frozen custard. Mommy and daddy wish there was a place like this in Boston! So after the big meal and big dessert, we took a walk to the playground so I can burn some energy.

I'm steering the boat after yummy frozen custard.

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