Friday, July 20, 2007

DC Day 2

On our second day in DC, mommy and daddy said we were going to go to the mall. I've been to the mall before, but this wasn't like any mall I've been to. There were lots of museums and places for me to play, but no playground equipment, sadly enough.

First stop was the Air and Space Museum.

Here I am learning about turbulence or something. I liked spinning the wheel.

And some planes. Daddy said they are very important airplanes, but they're not flying now, so I wasn't that interested.

Here is mommy with a mini McDonalds truck. Or maybe we all grew bigger overnight and the truck just seems smaller?

At one part of the mall there were all these police officers riding their motorcycles around. Daddy said it was some kind of motorcycle competition, but they were sure riding really slowly.

Vroomy vroom vroom

Afterwards it was time for lunch. We went to the National Gallery of Art for lunch and then we stopped in the bookstore. I got a new book! I like the National Gallery!

While mommy and daddy look at the pictures on the wall, I can see the pictures in my book!

Or maybe there's something interesting on the ceiling!

This is in between the two buildings of the National Gallery. Mommy said someone famous designed these. He's called I'm Pay?

Mommy is looking down on where we ate lunch

After the National Gallery we went to see some animals at the Natural History museum.

These are mini elephants

I was getting tired since I didn't have any nap yet, so I fell asleep on the way home. We stopped in the park across from the big white house so I could sleep.

Boy Scouts on patrol

DC is such a neat city. They have big buses all over the place. Here is one bus that daddy wanted to take a picture of.

Something just isn't right about this sign

Then we went back to Uncle Dan and Aunty Linda's place, but instead of going into their apartment, we went up to the roof.

I had no idea they have a secret rock collection too!

Back at the apartment, Uncle Dan read me another new book I got from the Gallery.

That's a big bunny!

Eating churros and gelato at the Argentinean gelato place. I like DC!

Tomorrow, more animals and a playground!


Jennifer said...

wow owen, looks like you had a great time in DC! did you get to ride the subway? that's one of my favorite things about DC :) when did dan and linda move out there??

mikenan said...

We rode the metro twice. It is quieter than the T in Boston, but mommy and daddy aren't sure they like the different rates for rush hour and off peak and higher fees for going farther.