Sunday, July 01, 2007

Good Eats with Aunty Thida and Uncle Matt

Aunty Thida used to work with daddy in LA before Uncle Matt took her away to San Francisco. They came to visit us this weekend and we got to do some fun stuff like eating!

Mommy and I picked them up from the airport Friday morning. We stopped off at Sound Bites Restaurant for yummy breakfast.

Breakfast with Aunty Thida and Uncle Matt
Breakfast with Aunty Thida and Uncle Matt

Today we met up with them for Boston Harborfest's Chowderfest. The adults got their fill of calm chowder... and all I got was oyster crackers. Mommy did feed me a few spoonfuls, resulting in a chowder mustache.

Chowda mustache
Aunty Thida and I modeling our chowda mustache.

After the chowderfest, we said our goodbyes to Uncle Matt and Aunty Thida since they had to meet other friends for dinner. Daddy, mommy, and I walked to Fanueil Hall and watched street performers. I especially liked the Peruvian music played by the Inca Son. When they stopped playing to take a short break, I signed "more, please" to get them to play some more.

Inca Sons
I like Peruvian music.

We had dinner at a new noodle place called Wagamama. Mommy and daddy had been to this place when they were in London before I was born. They were really excited when it opened up here in Boston. I must say the noodles were very yummy. I had a handful of yakisoba and some of daddy's chicken katsu curry. Next time, maybe I'll have to get my own serving.

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