Saturday, February 28, 2009

Acton and Aquarium again

Last weekend we went out to the Acton Discovery Museums and the Aquarium again. As you might imagine, it was a weekend of cooking. Or maybe you might not have guessed that.

First up was the Acton Discovery Museums. We went to the kitchen first.

Here's a sandwich for you, Mama
Here's a burger for you Mama.

She liked it better than the last meal I made for her at home.

Owen made mama lunch
Tomato sandwich (tomato-bread-tomato) and turtle

Aki and the grapes
Aki had some lunch too

Later we went up to the boat room and Aki had fun crawling through the submarine tunnel.

Aki crawling through the tunnel
Where am I going? Where's lunch?

The next day we went out to the New England Aquarium.

Aki making fish stew
Aki made some fish stew. Hi fish stew!

Making fishies at the aquarium
And we made some fishies too

After a long weekend of cooking we were pooped!

Resting with Myrtle
Resting with Myrtle the Turtle

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Steven Tsuchida said...

Do-Ho-Suh's work (the little people, welcome mat)is incredible! I checked out his work after seeing your post. Looks like you guys are having lots off fun...Read in the news today that a big storm is coming your way...More snow! Stay warm!