Saturday, February 21, 2009

NYC 2.1

Last weekend we went back to New York City again since we had so much fun the last time.

Saturday was Valentine's Day and we took the train down. We didn't get there until the afternoon so there wasn't too much time to do things. We all went to the Sony Wonder Technology Lab where we got to play with lots of computers.

Sony Wonder Tech Lab
Here's mommy and me editing a video

I also got to play a Madagascar video game for 5 minutes. Or did I get to watch daddy play for 5 minutes? I forget which.

On the way to dinner we saw a bunch of giant statues of kitties and bunnies. Mommy was very excited about this find.

Hello Kitty Statue
Mommy says this one is Hello, Kitty. Apparently Kitty shoots water out of her eyes when it is warm enough outside.

Mommy with statue
This one is My Melody.

The statues were made by some guy who likes Hello Kitty.

Later on the walk to dinner we came on this scene. This is a store with lots of fancy cars inside. This guy was begging the people inside to let him buy a t-shirt. It was not quite their closing time, but the doors were already locked. I guess the inside people didn't want to wait until 5 to get to Valentine's Day.

4:55, outside the Maserati store
I hope he got a good Valentine's Day present somewhere else

Finally we got to dinner.

Heading to Gyu-kaku for dinner
Mommy says this is one of her favorite restaurants from back in LA. I don't remember LA too well.

The boys
Me and daddy in our booth

Sweet Aki
Aki showing off her teeth

Portrait of Aki by Owen
I took a portrait of Aki. She moves really fast.

Mommy and daddy enjoyed their dinners. I enjoyed my asparagus.

Grilled asparagus
What I had for dinner

Oh, I almost forgot. I also had these beautiful white globes of sweetness that melted on my tongue... Daddy said they were called marshmallows.

Toasting marshmallows
Making the globes

Owen enjoying his smores at Gyu-kaku
Eating them in a cracker. I think I was supposed to put chocolate in them, but I ate the chocolate while the marshmallows were cooking.

Owen eating molten marshmallow
Forget the crackers, just give me the good stuff!

We had a great Valentine's Day in New York, and the next day was even more fun! Stay tuned!

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