Thursday, February 05, 2009

Chinese New Year's at the Natural History Museum

We celebrated Chinese New Year's this year by going out to the Harvard Natural History Museum. They were having a game where you had to go around and find all the animals in the Chinese calendar.

Owen and the pheasant
I found my sign

Rooster sign
The rooster sign. What is dimorphism?

Japanese Green Pheasant
Wait, is this a rooster?

Besides the Chinese animals we saw lots of other fun ones too...

Four owls
Here are some owls, like in my Owly book

Florida swamp rabbit
A bunny and a baby bunny. That's mommy's animal.

European hedgehog
Several hedgehogs. One in the back is curled up into a ball.

I love this museum. It's got all kinds of things to see...

Inspecting the fossil bugs
Like magnifying glasses

Mama napping Aki
And mama napping Aki on the bench. The sign above her says "Evolving for more than 500 million years."

Natural history museum sign

We ate a traditional Chinese New Year's lunch at a place called Four Burgers, not to be confused with Five Guys or wherever that place is. I had four fries while Aki ate just about a whole order of fries.

Happy Chinese New Year!

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