Thursday, February 12, 2009

More MOS and Lunar New Year Celebrations

Last weekened we went back to the Museum of Science. I know, I know, 4 times in less than 2 months... but it's different every time! Aki had an especially good time this time.

Aki spelling her name
Aki spelling her name on the giant lite-brite

Aki pressing bird call buttons
Aki playing bird calls

Aki doing puzzles
Aki eating some giant Lucky Charms

Aki playing with the bear cub

The chipmunk finds a very large acorn
Oh, was that not a bear cub? Then is this not a real acorn either?

The next day we went to the Lunar New Year festival at a high school in Quincy. I've never seen so many Asian people in one place!

Line for Roulette
This was the longest line there... for the roulette wheel at the Harvard Vanguard table

Mohegan Sun says happy new year
This place called Mohegan Sun had a big big table...

Oxen in Nets
Why do roulette when you can win one of these ox?

Vietnamese Boy Scout troop
Vietnamese Boy Scout troop

Clock in a cage
The clock was in a cage

Coloring Owen's Ox mask
I got to make a mask, but it wasn't for swimming

Owen the Ox
I am an Ox!

Not so good Thai writing
There was some Thai writing on the wall. Mommy said it was not so good.

Then they had a show which we loved:

Aki likes the lion dancers
Aki watching the show

Lion dancers
First up was the lion dancers. Best lion dance I've ever seen!

Folk arts drummers
Then came these drummers from the Boston Folk Arts group. I like drumming.

Folk arts chinese yoyo
The drummers came back out after a little bit to do Chinese yo yo. I've never seen this before, but it was awesome!

My sticker is on my chin
Of course, my attention is only so long... My sticker is on my chin

Dancing kids
Dancing Chinese kids

We had a fun weekend, and this weekend we're off for another short trip! See you when we get back!

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