Sunday, February 22, 2009

NYC 2.2 (No sleep till...)

On Sunday we woke up in our much nicer hotel than last time. It was nicer because mommy and daddy got a one-room room this time instead of the two room setup. This way me and Aki got to keep an eye on them while they slept.

Owen hugging Aki
Hugging Aki.

Aki slept in her crib, but this was really my bed! It transforms into a sofa. I kept asking daddy to "make it separate" or to pull it out so I could get back in!

After breakfast we caught the train to Brooklyn! Doesn't that sound like a cool place? It's about 200 miles away, as far as I can tell. We had to take the green train then the yellow one then the gray one.

Empty station except for video guys
Here's where the green train stopped running and we had to take the yellow one.

Eventually we got to Brooklyn. It was worth the wait! They have a great children's museum.

Aki looking up
Things were looking up

Water fun
For water fun

And drumming

After lunch there, we went to the building part of the museum.

What do I do with these?
What do I do with these?

Ah, like this?
Ah, like this?

Owen and his fish
I built some fishies

Building blocks
And some buildings

Owen made trains out of blocks
And trains

Kids' names in blocks at Brooklyn Children's Museum
And names. Mommy helped me with this one.

Finally it was time for nap so while mommy and daddy pushed us to a new place, we slept in the stroller.

When we woke up, we were in a theater watching some very strange dancers. I've never seen dancing like this in my life!

More about this dancing here.

It turned out that we were in the Brooklyn Museum of Art, which was fine by me since there was lots of cool stuff to see.

Aki in children's gallery
Here's Aki in the kids' gallery

Aki contemplating the sign
Aki contemplating the meaning of this sign

Aki and daddy went upstairs while mommy and I were doing some drawing. Here's one of the things they saw:

Doormat: Welcome (Green), 2000
A doormat made up of many many little people. It's by a Korean artist who does that kind of thing.

After the museum we walked over to see a friend of daddy's from college. He and his wife have a dog, who was very friendly. I wanted to pet him, but I was kind of scared, so I asked daddy to pet the dog for me.

Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY
On the way to the friend's house, we saw this scene from Knuffle Bunny Too

Our family heading home after a great day in Brooklyn
Heading home after a great day in Brooklyn

Yay Brooklyn!

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