Monday, February 23, 2009

NYC 2.3 (Escape from New York)

Monday was the President's Day. To celebrate, we went to Chinatown.

Can I make her proud?
On the way there, we saw this sign. I hope I can make her proud

Statue of Lin Ze Xu in Chinatown
Then we went to see the Statue of Liberty Lin Ze Xu

It was chilly out so we went to warm up with some hot dim sum.

Aki drumming with chopsticks at dim sum
Aki is ready for some eating or drumming. Probably drumming.

After dim sum, we went to look at the stores.

Mama pig necklace
I think mommy would look nice with one of these! Daddy?

Fung Wah Temple
Here is the big Chinese Buddhist temple, right next to the Fung Wah bus company. Daddy says it is very convenient. Buy $15 ticket to Boston, go next door to temple, pray bus does not have accident, get on bus.

Mahayana Buddhist Temple
Mommy praying inside the temple

You can have a fun morning with the stuff you can buy on the street in Chinatown:

Socks and underwear
First, put on socks and underwear

VCD $1
Then make an mushroom omelette

VCD $1
Maybe watch a movie or a dozen

Steamer baskets and hot pot
Then make some dumplings and hot pot for lunch!

Chinatown is right next to Little Italy. Not much was open in Little Italy. There weren't many Little Italians either.

I breaka you face
What does breaka you face mean, daddy?

Back in Chinatown, we went to ice cream. Mommy was excited because they had durian flavor.

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory
Panda?!! Who would make ice cream out of panda?!!

Owen and mama enjoying durian ice cream
Daddy said durian is like ice cream already so what's the point of having ice cream ice cream? I don't know, I liked it. Daddy refused to try it. Now I know he can't force me to try anything I don't want.

Right after this we had to hustle back to get our stuff and get on the train for Boston. We had a great trip to New York again. I hope we can go back soon!

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