Sunday, April 08, 2007


Happy Easter everyone! We had a busy day today, so let's cut to the chase...

First off, after breakfast mommy and daddy bundled me up and we went outside. Someone had dumped all these colorful plastic egg-like things on the ground! Lucky we had a basket so I could pick them up. Later daddy confessed that he had "hidden" them there.

You could have hidden these better
You could have hidden these ones better, daddy

Almost done!
Almost done!

After collecting all the eggs, we went out to lunch. I had eggs. And French toast. It was so yummy I had seconds and thirds! Later we went for a stroll on the street to walk it off.

That was a yummy brunch!
That was a yummy brunch!

On the way home, I fell asleep, so mommy tried to put me in my crib. Silly mommy, I was just sleeping because I couldn't walk around strapped in the car seat. Once she put me in my crib, I woke up so we could play some more!

Because it was cold outside, we went to the Atrium mall to use their playspace. There was lots of parking, and the elevator came suspiciously quickly. When we got up, we found out why... the whole mall was closed! That meant no playspace, but then again, mommy and daddy let me use the whole mall as my playspace! I walked all around and there were no grownups to get in my way!

I can't believe the playspace is closed!
Walking my mommy

Finally we went home, and I crashed for a little while. I woke up and mommy and I did a little drawing before dinner and bedtime.

Drawing with mommy
Drawing a lizard on daddy's New York Life Annual Report

This is a fun "prospectus"!
This is a fun "prospectus"!

It was the best Easter ever!

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