Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Go Ichiro!

In honor of my namesake being in town for the series against the Boston Red Sox, mommy dressed me in my Ichiro jersey today. Thanks, Uncle DK and Aunty Linda for the cool shirt!

I thought maybe mommy was going to take me to the game since she got me all dressed up. It turns out we were just going out for a "walk".

Ok, let's go, mommy!
Ok, let's go, mommy!

Which way to the Red Sox vs. Mariners game?
Which way to the Red Sox vs. Mariners game?

After we came back inside, the UPS man came and dropped off a big box. Mommy opened it up and set up a big tent inside our living room. She said it's a sun shelter for when we go on our trip later this month.

What is this thing doing in the living room?
I don't need this much shade

Later daddy came home and we listened to Ichiro batting against Dice-K of the Red Sox. He didn't get any hits before I had to go to bed, but I hope he gets one soon!


petra036 said...

Aw. How cute is that.

Dan said...

The jersey looks great on you Ichiro. Just like the real deal. I'm glad you're enjoying it. All we need is for your daddy to take you to the batting cage and to work on some fly balls!

JT said...

Nice colors on the tent..."buff and blue".

mikenan said...

Yep, gold and blue for UCLA colors... go Bruins!

nketpura said...

Boo Bruins...

mikenan said...

Oh Uncle Nick... you just can't get over that UCLA made it to the Final Four this year and USC didn't!