Saturday, April 14, 2007

More fun with Ronak

Mommy and daddy took me over to Ronak's house again on Thursday night. Ronak and I thought we would give our parents a break and help by making dinner.

Let's make dinner
Hmm... which pot should we use?

Uh oh, I think we're in trouble
Uh oh, I think we're in trouble

What do think this is for?
What do think this is for?

Luckily for us and our parents, we got take out from Comella's. Yummy Pelano's Mess (Eggplant Parmigiana with shells, spaghetti, and lots of cheese and red sauce) is my favorite! Ronak and I had so much fun during dinner imitating the silly adults. Our parents were very amused by our behavior. I don't know why it's so funny. Anyway, here's a video of Ronak and me.

Needless to say, both Ronak and I were covered in red sauce after dinner. After getting a good wipe down by our moms, we had more playtime. I got to check out all of Ronak's toys and where Aunty Sarita keeps the tupperware. I had so much fun stacking all the tupperware on top of each other. Then I got to meet Aunty Kavitha, who's visiting from LA. I hear that I'm going to have another playmate in July! And it's going to be a baby boy. Yay! Ronak and I can teach him all kind of cool tricks to keep Aunty Kavitha busy.

My "fake" smile
"Smiling" for the camera with Aunty Kavitha

I was so tired from all the fun we had that I took two long naps the next day!

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Una Bruno said...

wow, owen! i can't believe how big you look with your new haircut. it sounds like your mom and dad take you to lots of fun museums and places. and you have so many friends your age - how lovely! thanks for checking out my paris blog. it's fun here but i'd love to see your children's museum in Boston - that looks like heaven!
your pal, Una
ps - congrats on the walking! my mom wants to know the name of the special shoes your mom bought you...