Sunday, April 29, 2007

Florida Day 4

After a late night, I wasn't really ready to wake up this morning, but daddy got me up anyway because he said it was our day to go to the beach!

I'm ready for the beach!
I'm ready to go!

When we got there, it was really really windy so we couldn't go lie down in the sand. Good thing there was a playground so we had something to do!

Swinging on the beach!
Daddy put me in the swing backwards, but I still liked it

Hiding in the tunnel
I got to play in this big yellow tunnel. It's like I'm surfing in the tube!

Fort Lauderdale Beach
Here's the beach at Fort Lauderdale

We played in the sand for a while, but then it got too windy so we left and went for lunch. Daddy said we were in the South so we should have "barbecue." We stopped at a place for yummy ribs and pulled pork that was just like kalua pig. Of course

Time for barbecue!
I'm ready for my franks and beans!

After lunch was through we went to a place to see more birds. This one was called Flamingo Gardens. It's a wildlife sanctuary for animals that can't live on their own in the wild anymore because they got hurt or too used to living with people.

This isn't one of the flamingos. This is called a peacock.

We saw lots of animals, and I really liked the show. There were so few people there that we got to see all the animals up close. My favorite was a very fat possum that was missing its tail. It got hit by a car, and afterwards it was living in the administrative office and everyone was feeding him donuts and junk food. He got to be twice the normal possum weight on that diet so the guide has him on a healthy diet now.

Big opossum
Fat possum eating grapes

Baby alligator
The guide holding a baby alligator. It is missing its tail and one of its legs. He said after it gets big enough, it's going to go do alligator wrestling at the "Seminole" reservation

After we left the show we went into the aviary where mommy and daddy let me walk around. There were so many different kinds of birds. One of them wanted to cross this bridge and it kept squawking at me, so daddy picked me up and let it walk across the bridge.

Look at the ducks!
Look at the ducks!

Finally we met Aunty Lana and Great Aunt Ann back at the hotel. They took us for dinner at Uncle Tony's restaurant, Sushi Rock, in South Beach. Now that I can walk, I don't like sitting for very long. Daddy let me wander around the restaurant while we were waiting. I found a good seat under the sushi bar.

My seat at the restaurant
Don't mind me...

Of course the grownups got sooo much food. This is something from Aunty Lana's dinner. It's a "lobster" or as they say in Boston, "lobstah."

I touched it for a second then pulled my hand back so it wouldn't get pinched

The best part of dinner though was what came last: Uncle Tony made me a sculpture out of orange! Mommy said it is some guy named "Mickey." I don't know this Mickey, but he was delicious!

Yummy orange mouse!
I finished all of Mickey

I had a great day and the best part was seeing my family again! Also, I didn't go to the hospital today, so that was a plus. Tomorrow, butterflies and then back home!

CruisingSouth Beach
Great Aunt Ann, Aunty Lana, me and daddy on Ocean Avenue in South Beach

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Alana Kim Dunn said...

wow, looks like a fun trip, you are growing up so much! Thank you for my birthday wishes!