Saturday, April 28, 2007

Florida Day 3

On Sunday I woke mommy and daddy up again--so much fun! They told me that we were going to Miami Beach to ride on a duck! I was very excited as duck is one of my few words. But the car ride was so long I fell asleep.

R2D2 mailbox
Here's a mailbox in Miami that looks like a robot

After I woke up we went to see the duck. It turned out to be a duck boat, like the one I rode on in Boston with Ah Mah and Ah Gong.

Lucky Duck tour
The "duck" we rode on

The boat drove around town and then splashed into the water. We went by all these famous people's houses. I never heard of any of them before, but they look pretty nice. I wonder if I will live in a house like this when I grow up?

Shaq's house
This one belongs to a famous basketball star whose little statue is on the post there

After the boat ride, we went back to Great Aunt Ann's restaurant to meet Aunty Lana and Uncle Tony. I hadn't seen him in a long time, since their wedding. I was very happy to play with him again. He's a lot of fun!

Uncle Tony!

They took us to see the birds and animals at this place called Parrot Jungle Island. I was a little scared of the loud screeching parrots. Daddy got to feed them, and one jumped on his arm. I didn't want any part of that! The keeper came and pushed it off with a big stick, but not before daddy got to see how sharp his claws were.

Later we went to see the petting zoo. I like the goats. I was saying "Muh" to the goats, which is what my book says goats say.

Parrot Jungle Island goats

It was really fun there, and I saw so many animals! Later we met Uncle Chai and his family for dinner. We ate at a place called Sushi Siam. The food was yummy, and Uncle Chai's family even got me a present! Thanks Uncle Chai!

Uncle Chai's family, Tony, Lana and us at Sushi Siam
Sushi Siam

Tomorrow, the beach, flamingos, and one of the highlights of my trip: "Mickey!"

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Jennifer said...

we have a mailbox near our apartment that also looks like R2D2! :)