Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

The last few days have been super hot and we desperately needed a way to cool off. Daddy had the morning off yesterday, so we went to a sprinkler/wading pool at Artesani Park in Brighton by the Charles River. There was a large pool that was only a foot deep so I can walk in the water all by myself. And in the pool, there were large metal structures that sprayed water on us. The water was super cold, and it took me sometime to stop shivering. We has so much fun!

Cooling off on a hot day
Cooling off on a hot day.

This is so much fun!
Daddy and I checking out the sprinklers.

Sprinkler fun
Help me catch the water, daddy.

After playing in the water for a while, we had lunch by the river. Some ducks came by to see if they could have lunch too. I had lots of fun feeding and chasing them.


I fell asleep on the way home. When I woke up, daddy was gone (mommy said he had to go to work). But I got to spend the afternoon with my friends at Ellie's house while mommy and Emerson's mommy played hooky. I didn't care because I was surrounded by baby friends, toys, and blueberries!

Baby playgroup
Our baby playgroup: Lisa (Ellie's mommy), Alissa (Emerson's mommy), Emerson, me, and Ellie. Too bad we forgot to take a picture before Leo left. I'm holding my green recycling truck - a new obsession with cars and trucks, especially ones that wind up.

Mommy said that next week, Ellie, Emerson, and Leo will come over to our house for a playdate! I can't wait!

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JT said...

I'm jealous Owen! I want to play in the water too. How come you never took me there when I was visiting?

Also, your daddy has spent too much time in New England....he looks like "shark bait" now.