Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Drumlin Farm Family Day

Last Sunday we went to Drumlin Farm again for a free family day. It was hot, but we got to do lots of stuff!

The first stop was seeing these duckies! I kept shaking the walls to see if I could let them out, but they wouldn't let me go Godzilla on the enclosure.

They have very tiny winglets

Then we went to see the lambs. They kept trying to eat the grass outside the fence, so daddy and I helped them out.


Guess who?
Guess who?

After the farmyard we went out on a nature trail in the forest. I got to walk almost the whole way back. In the forest we came across a nest of very large eggs. I tried to open to see what was inside, but mommy said it wasn't a good idea in case the mommy creature came back.

Very large eggs
Knock knock!

I love Drumlin Farm!

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