Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day Part 2

After all that getting ready for Father's Day, we ended up doing a lot on the day. Mommy cooked us some yummy pancakes, and then we drove to Brookline. Daddy ran in the 5-K and mommy pushed me and her friend's baby in the stroller. It was a hot day so I took a nice nap until we got to where we were going. Which was the same place we started from. Crazy grown-ups.

Afterwards, I did get a new hat:

My new hat
I didn't want to wear it at first, but then the hat-maker gave me his card

Turny turny
In the Flag Day fair, there were lots of rides that I was too little for

That's a BIG flag!
The biggest flag I've ever seen

Then we went to go see the Flag Day parade. We camped out on the lawn of the Brookline Public Library and watched the people go by.

Brookline Flag Day Parade
The start of the parade

There were lots of neat things to watch in the parade.

The Recycling Drum Corps
These kids were drumming on recycling containers

Cycling family
This family rode their unicycles and quadricycles while they played flutes

Some things I didn't like:

More scary dancers
Scary dragons coming to eat me

Scary monster
This guy was scary too

After the parade we went home to snooze for a little and then we went out for Father's Day dinner at Dok Bua. Yummy yummy Thai food and everyone was so nice to me! We had a great Father's Day!

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