Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hancock Shaker Village

Ok, so "tomorrow night" ended up being 8 days later, but don't worry about me. My editors have been slacking off...

So, we went to the Hancock Shaker Village in the afternoon after Mass MoCA. This is apparently the original, not the one we live in. Our kitchen does not quite look like this ad.

The Shakers founded a village out here in Hancock based on sharing and peaceful living, so I guess mommy and daddy felt this would be a good lesson for me. Plus they had baby animals!

When I saw this one, I said "baa!"

Hancock Shaker chicks

Hancock Shaker Village pineapple
And the Hancock Shaker pineapple

They had lots of old machines too. This one is a sheep treadmill that farmers can use to generate energy to run their machinery with.

Sheep powered treadmill
The bale of hay is sitting on the treadmill piece

Cat pillow
When he was little Daddy had a cat like the one on this shelf

Round Barn
This is the Hancock Shaker round barn where they milked the cows.

Round barn in Hancock Shaker Village
Bye bye Hancock Shaker village!

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