Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

This week we got ready for Father's Day by hosting an arts party at our house. Mommy invited over a bunch of folks to make Father's Day presents.

Hanging out
Here I am waiting for the guests to come over with Leapers and baby Pooh

Me and Ronak
Ronak came over by himself to play without his mommy

Happy Father's Day Daddy!
This is what we made--frames for our daddies!

I peel off the stickers
Here I am preparing the frames for the stickers

On Saturday we went over to Ronak's house to celebrate Father's Day with his daddy, Uncle Sameer, who's on call today.

Water table
It's gotten warm again so we were able to play with his water table!

Mmm cupcakes
We had cupcakes for dessert. We really liked the sugar rush!

Landon Donovan's not getting my cupcakes
Landon Donovan's not getting my cupcakes!

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Alana Kim Dunn said...

cute father's day gifts! He is looking so much older now. Can't wait to see him again, hopefully sometime soon!