Monday, June 11, 2007

Dragon Boat Festival

Yesterday, Ronak and I had an adventure taking the subway to Cambridge for the Dragon Boat Festival by the Charles River. We weren't sure what kind of dragons would be there, so we had to bring our parents with us for protection.

It turns out that the dragons are really long canoes that people in teams were racing down a short distance on the river. Ronak and I had a good time watching the races.

Dragon Boat Festival
Dragon boats racing

Watching the boat race
Mommies and babies watching the boats

We did get to see a dragon who danced for us later.

Big dragon!

After walking around watching the boats, we were all famished. Good thing our mommies packed us lunch. With our stomach full, Ronak and I got to run around on the grass by the river.

Goofing around
Goofing around

Ronak and I in our matching hats
Did you notice that we have matching hats!

Look at the free stuff I got!
Daddy got Ronak and I balloons, but we soon lost them. Sorry, turtles and penguins!

After our naps, we played around the Yard where our daddies used to live. Funny that they lived in the buildings next to each other and they didn't know each other. I hope next time Uncle Sameer will be able to join us.

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