Wednesday, June 27, 2007

E.I. is E.Z.

As some of you may know, my daddy thinks he knows something about how kids should learn to do things. So because I haven't been talking too much, he had some people come visit me and mommy to see whether I need to take some classes. He called them Eee Eye and they came last week to do an "evaluation."

Mommy and I showed daddy what's what. In the evaluation I was above average for my motor skills and I was solidly average for my intelligence. The thing I couldn't do was to figure out how to use Uncle JT's baseball bat to retrieve my car from under the couch. I think that's asking a bit much, don't you? Baseball bat is for banging on the walls and the floor, not for fishing around under the couch!

As far as my not talking too much goes, the Eee Eye people counted my signs as spoken words so I came out fine. Of course I have like 20 signs now, and I can cycle through my signs when my parents don't give me what I want. That way they think I'm combining words. "Want more milk please help ball elephant butterfly?" See? That's like a 8 word sentence!

Anyway, they saw how desperate daddy was so they decided that I'm going to have a new grownup friend come play with me so I can teach him signs. His name is Gary and he's coming once every few weeks. And they're going to get me in a new playgroup so I can teach some other kids what I know.

So maybe you'll be seeing some posts about Eee Eye as the weeks progress. Anyway, after Gary came one time I've started talking more already. I say lots more animal noises and among other things, I can say baby, nene for sleep, pom pom for bath, and ithu for all done. That's like 4 languages! Crazy parents. No wonder it's taking me a while.

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