Saturday, June 30, 2007

Fun times at the ICA

Today was another fun Family Playdate at the Boston ICA. This time, mommy and I convinced daddy, Aunty Sarita, and Ronak to join us. It was a beautiful day out on the Boston Harbor with lots of ships sailing by. We got there early so Ronak and I got to roam around before the museum opened. Here's a video of me running and screaming with joy.

Ronak and Owen climbing up stairs at ICA amphitheatre
Ronak and I discovered large wooden steps.

Of course, we had to investigate where it lead to. As soon as we got to the top, our parents picked us up and took us down the steps and into the museum. We got to roam around some more inside the museum. Then we saw a one-man show by The Picasso People. He played songs, danced, and explained cubism to us.

Mesmerized by the performance
Ronak and I were both mesmerized by the performance.

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