Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Back from Cali and Hawaii!

Sorry I've been out of touch. I took mommy and daddy to visit my grandparents in California and Hawaii. It was a short trip, but we had a good time visiting with lots of people. If we missed you this time, hopefully we can see you next time.

Our first day in SoCal, we went to visit with Mia and her parents, Uncle Steven and Aunty Jeanie. Mia has supercool toys like this little scary furry monster (Uncle Steven demonstrates).

The mole man really liked to eat the pretend food

Uncle Steven made me a sandwich

After fake sandwich, Uncle Steven read one of my favorite books to me: Aki and the Fox

Aki and the Fox (also translated as Amy and Ken Visit Grandma!) is by a Japanese artist, Akiko Hayashi. It's my new favorite library book!

After leaving Mia's house we went to see Cousin Ariel and Sydney at the printing company. They showed me how to play a farmhouse game.

Setting up for our game. I think the game was about pulling the pieces apart. I was the best at that!

On Sunday, Ah Mah cooked up a big feast as offerings to our ancestors for the Ghost Festival. I helped mommy and daddy kowtow to ancestors. Later, daddy and Ah Gong burned money for the ancestors. I had to watch from behind the screen door.

Kowtow to ancestors

That night we all went to Aunty Kathy and Uncle Billy's house for dinner. Lots of other aunties and uncles were there. Uncle Billy's son Scotty was there too. I liked him. He knows how to play with little kids. He pushed me around the house in my little car, and he showed me how to work the Mr. Potato Head that they gave me. Thanks, Aunty Kathy and Uncle Billy!

Trying on Mr. Potato's glasses

Mommy's college compadres

Cupcakes by Uncle Jimmy. Ice cream cake by me! That is, I went to sleep in the car and when I woke up, my dream of eating ice cream and cake together had become beautiful reality!

Eating Jimmy's cupcakes

This is how I eat the cupcakes:
  1. Put cupcake on plate
  2. Pick out the raspberry
  3. Eat raspberry
  4. Bend head and lick off frosting
  5. Say "moh!"
  6. Aunty or Uncle will think it's cute and give you another cupcake.
  7. Repeat 1-6.
Any questions?

Okay, I'm still recovering from the jet lag, so I'll do some more writing in a little while... Good night!

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