Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cats and Watering Cans

Ooh, I'm falling behind in my adventures in Hawaii and Cali. Okay, so I'm going to try to catch up a little here.

On Wednesday we finally got to Hawaii. After Grandma and Kung Kung drove us home, here's who greeted me.

Halloween and Serena
Halloween (in black) looking at Serena

I have never played with kitties before, and I was excited to meet these ones that Grandma takes care of, Halloween and Serena. Halloween belongs to someone else but hangs out at Grandma's house all day long. Serena used to belong to a neighbor, but they left and I guess now she belongs to Grandma. So, first I got to feed the kitties to make them my friends

Feeding Halloween
Look over here!

Yum kitty, yum!

Here, kitty kitty
Hi Halloween!

I am now big fans of all things kitty, or as I call them "niao niao." Every day in Hawaii was "niao niao" morning, noon, and night. Pretty soon, mommy and daddy learned that all they needed to say to get me to do something was "niao niao"!

After the kitties went down the driveway to take a nap, It was time to water the plants. Grandma showed me how to do it.

Watering plants for Grandma
I practiced by watering the sidewalk first, then plants, then myself

Time to water myself
Never mind the watering can, I'll just use the hose

After dinner, I had more practice with watering.

Watering the day lilies
Watering the day lilies

Hawaii was such fun times! Here are some other things we did in our first few days there.

We saw Aunty Helen, Uncle Lester and Aunty Daryl, and their daughter Aunty Jenny at lunch at Tsukiji.

Uncle Lester was there too, but he must have been trying to pay for the bill.

We went visiting with Uncle Kenneth and Aunty Misako, Uncle Steven's daddy and mommy and Baby Mia's grandparents. We saw Uncle Dwayne and Aunty Joyce and two of their kids, Cousins Jansen and Delmar.

Visiting with Aunty Misako and Uncle Kenneth
They gave me that forbidden fluid, juice!

One dinner at home, I got to eat poi. I saw Kung Kung eating it and I wanted to try some. "Some," I said to him, and Grandma got me a bowl with some poi in it. At first I liked it and then I noticed the sour aftertaste. Funny, I couldn't stop eating it though.

Poi. Yay?

Also I went to the park just down the street after dinner.

Having fun on the slide
Having fun on the slide

Next time, more fun in Hawaii!

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