Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pau Hawaii

No trip to Hawaii would be complete without a trip to the beach! We went on Friday two weeks ago, and mommy and daddy are still peeling their skin off. I don't have any skin coming off though, thanks to my hat, shirt, and excessive amounts of some white stuff they rubbed into my skin. Uncle JT and his friend Aunty Lynne came to hang out with us and brought us yummy lunch.

Ala Moana 8_31_07 pic2
Here's me at Ala Moana

The next day we went to the Okinawan Festival at Kapiolani Park. It was hot, but at least I got to sit in the shade in my chariot. Some of daddy's Okinawan friends from high school met up with us. Uncle Jess, who's not Okinawan (and didn't go to high school with daddy) also came. Did I mention it was hot?

Aunty Kiyomi tickling my toes
Aunty Kiyomi tickling my toes and smelling my toe jams

Yummy shave ice at the Okinawan Festival
Ohhh, shave ice so icy

That night Uncle JT's family fed us dinner. His mom brought out buckets and buckets of cars (!) from when he was a kid. I turned them out on the carpet and went through them all! Dinner was yum. The one funny thing was they kept saying this word I don't know: "Poo na ho." What's that? It doesn't sound good to me...

Uncle JT's cars!
Rearranging Tyler's toys (JT's brother)

On our last full day in Hawaii, we went to see dolphins at the Sea Life Park by daddy's house (or as I say, "dolffff").

Grandpa made me Mickey Mouse pancakes!
Kung Kung made me Mickey Mouse pancakes. Who's Mickey Mouse again?

Then on to Sea Life Park!


Feeding turtles
Feeding the turtles with daddy and Uncle JT

More hungry turtles
Good thing we bought two cups--there's lots of mouths to feed!

It was hot again and I was starting to get tired until... Dolffff!

Three dolphins
Dolfff show

I love dolphins!
Me riding a dolfff (not really)

I had a great time in Hawaii and California, and I can't wait to go back. I love Boston, but it's getting cold here! Hopefully we can see some more people next time. Until then... Owen

Playing with Aunty Marlene
Here's Aunty Marlene showing me how to push my truck around. Wait a minute, did I forget those in Hawaii?

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