Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Reunited with friends

Last week, Emerson and her mommy invited us over to their new house to play. It was a beautiful afternoon outside, so we just hung out in the backyard after we had a grand tour of the house. Emerson has a cool cottage and a slide in the backyard!

Playing in Emerson's cottage.

Emerson showed me how to eat a popsicle! You can see that she's an expert...

And I dribbled all over myself.

On Sunday, I took Ronak, Aunty Sarita, and Aunty Ektaa to Lookout Farm to pick some fruits. Ronak and I had lots of fun running around at the farm and eating yummy fruits.

Ronak, me, and our mamas enjoying Asian pears.

I LOVE plums!

After some fruits in our tummies, we ran off to the playground while our parents struggled to keep up with us.

Ronak and I on the "tractor".

Our favorite part of the day, driving the caterpillar train.

Mommy said next time we come back to the farm, maybe we'll get a pumpkin!

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