Monday, September 24, 2007

Showing Ah Gu around town

Ah Gu arrived last Wednesday, but he was so jet-lagged that we didn't do much that day. He did let me play with his new phone though.

On Thursday, mommy and I took him to show the sights around Boston. We started out in Copley Square so Ah Gu can admire the cool architecture of the Boston Public Library and the Trinity Church. Then we walked to the Public Garden and Boston Common where the adults let me roam around at the Tadpole Playground for a bit.

Saying hi to the frog at the Tadpole Playground.

After running around, I was tired so I went to sleep. As I napped, mommy and Ah Gu walked along the Freedom Trail visiting graveyards, the site of the first public school, Faneuil Hall, and the Holocaust Memorial. Daddy got off work early and met us for lunch at the North End. Then we walked across a bridge to Charlestown to check out the USS Constitution. It was a BIG boat!

On the deck of the USS Constitution

I got to drive the boat!

It was a warm day out and the adults were too tired to walk back across the bridge. So we decided to take a boat across the river. It was so much fun!

On the "boap". You can tell how warm the day was by how flushed my cheeks are.

I'm having so much fun with Ah Gu. I got lots more to fill you in about but it's ne ne time (sleepy time) now. Check me out tomorrow!

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