Thursday, September 06, 2007

LA Day

Last Monday we spent all day in LA, visiting old friends and some young friends too. First stop, Una's place. Una showed me lots of her toys. She's so nice. She showed me how to do all kinds of stuff. She also told me that one of her dolls is called "Saudiarabia." I was very impressed.

Duet time. We played a new modern composition (we just made it up as we went along).

Una was rocking me on her caterpillar. Very fun!

Hmm, how does this work? Mommy, I think I need one at home to practice! Pees?

Mommy and Aunty Rachel with us kids.

16 months ago

After Aunty Rachel had to go to work, we swung by Yasmin's pad. She lives with Uncle Matt and Aunty Shelly.

Hanging out with baby Yasmin
Me and Yasmin from 14 months ago

We had mango for snack on their back lawn.

She looks different. I think she did something to her hair.

Then we checked out their above ground pool. This is how I play with other children... (photos by Uncle Matt)

You lookin' for something?

What? This?

Ok, let's take turns.

Only kidding. Daddy gave it to Yasmin. No matter, they had rings!

Finally, we went to Aunty Noriko and Uncle Greg's house for a Dinnerheads reunion. The theme was school food. I liked the school food. Can I start kindergarten yet?

Uncle Alex is strong. He can lift me over his head like 20 times without getting tired!

There were lots of animals at Noriko's house. I liked their giant ridgeback dog, but I especially liked the cat, or "niao niao" as I say it. More on niao niaos later...

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